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What to do the week of your Quinceanera

Photography: Photocraft, CA

One week before your Quinceanera day check list!

Below is our list of the top 10 things to do the week before your quinceanera, to help all engaged couples prepare for the big day, feel completely relaxed, and to make sure that the word anxiety is never used to describe your planning process! xo

1-Contact all your vendors to confirm time

2-Create Placement Cards according to the seating chart

3-Emergency kit

4-Break in your Quinceanera shoes

5-Dance Rehearsal at Venue

6-Make final payments

7-Schedule Manicure and pedicure

8-Hair maintenance, cut, color, retouch

9-Decide on breakfast food / Limo snacks

10-Practice your thank you speech

11-Check the time with your court of honor

12-Remains chambelanes to pick up their tuxedos

13-Organize all your personal belongings and have them ready in one place.

14-We strongly recommend a dress rehearsal for the ceremony one or two days before regardless of where it will take place

15-Go sleep early

Happy Planning!

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