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The Quinceanera Reception Step by Step

Photography Marco Vinicio, AZ

1. The Reception After the Mass, a reception is held that includes a banquet and a dance in honor of the quinceanera. Other options instead of a party is a surprise trip to a dream destination or on the more American style, the gift of a car. Since a trip or a car can be given at any other occasion, most girls opt for a quinceanera reception, which is a once in a life time event.

2. The Last Doll or Teddy Bear and the Surprise Gift This doll is the last one the girl will receive for her birthday. The surprise gift and other gifts are presented before or after the waltz. This can also be omitted.

3. The Banquet Based on traditional Mexican food and can be a simple meal or a sophisticated dinner according to the family’s wealth.

4.The First Waltz Mexican girls cannot dance in a public event before their 15th birthday. They may dance in school and family events. When they christianized the ceremony of woman, the spanish priest added the European touch that is still maintained. The quinceanera, accompanied by her chambelan de honor as well as her damas with their respective chamberlanes perform a traditional waltz. The waltz dance may include traditional movements or some new modern dances created over time. The music can be a live band or with a modern digital sound system. The Puerto Rican singer Chayane’s song Tiempo de Vals is widely utilized as an alternative to the traditional waltz music. The quinceanera dances her first waltz with her father or in a case where he is not present, with a close relative or friend of the family. Following is the waltz with the padrinos (godfathers) although this is not exactly a waltz. It is a popular choice in which the godfather’s dance with the girl from 20 seconds to a minute each, depending on the number of participating godfathers

5. Las Mañanitas A traditional song called “Las Mañanitas”, usually performed by a mariachi band is sung after the waltz or when the cake is being cut. The mariachi band usually plays other selected songs too. Las mañanitas may be played at the girl’s house before leaving for the church, at the exit from the church, or at the reception.

6.The Dance After all these events takes place the dance where all her invited guests participate begins. The quinceanera breaks the dance off first inviting everybody else to dance.

7.The Cake The Cake is generally cut during a dance break. The quinceanera is the first one to cut it as well as the first one to eat the first slice.

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