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There are different ways that you can enter the ceremony. The most common is for your:

  1. Corte de honor to enter first.
  2. Then your chamberlan de honor by himself.
  3. They are followed by all of your padrinos and your padrinos de honor. 
  4. Lastly, you enter with one parent on each arm.

Seating of Guest:

Seats are open on a first come first served basis, filling the pews from front to back of the ceremony site. However, the first couple of rows are general reserved for the members of the progression, immediate family and close friends.

The Ceremony

Proceed with ceremony

Your ceremony will consist of a traditional scripture reading, a special reading relating to your coming of age, a personal blessing as you enter adulthood, and blessing of the ceremony gift. During the ceremony you will also offer a gift to the Virgin Mary in shape of a natural bouquet of flowers.

All of this would have been reviewed and rehearsed during the ceremony practices that most churches require you to have prior to the event.

Once the ceremony is over follow the priest out of the church and exit in the order that you came in.

Picture time!

Take this moment to capture pictures with the priest, your family and friends. Then, you’re off to either take your quince pictures at a park or directly to the reception.

Quince Question…

My dress is strapless. Should i wear something to cover my bare shoulder during the ceremony?

Answer: Most the quinceanera dresses have a chal to use for the ceremony.

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