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Photography Marco Vinicio, Arizona

The traditional gifts presented during the ceremony hold special meanings as they relate to you becoming a young woman.

This gifts are represent loyalty and commitment to God, your family and yourself.

The priest or pastor blesses all of the gifts during the ceremony. The padrinos of each of the girls are responsible for taking them to the altar when the priest requests the objects.

Here is a list of the most common gifts presented by your padrinos during the ceremony:

-The Holy Bible:

This is the foundation of your faith and a manual that will guide your spiritual growth.

-Tiara | Corona:

Symbolizes that you are a princess in the eyes of God.

-Rosary | Cross Necklace:

Meant to be worn as a reminder of your faith.

-Ceremony Pillow | Cojin:

A kneeling pillow for you to use during the ceremony.

-La ultima muñeca:

Represents you leaving behind your childhood toys in preparation of new, mature responsibilities.

-A ring | Anillo:

To symbolize God’s unending love. Also meant to be worn as a reminder of your faith.


Meant to be worn as a reminder to keep your ears towards to the word of God.

-Pair of high heels shoes:

Used to wear during the reception in representation of your first pair of heels as a young woman.


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