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You are so lucky to be planning the perfect Sweet 15 fiesta! Planning a quince in 2018 is a dream come true… Nowadays you have so many options that surpass any fairy tale fantasy. From unimaginable dresses, dreamy photos, and event halls that make you feel like you are in a castle, to majestic limousines, and intricate cake masterpieces… we are in love. However, your dream party is not only over the top, it’s expensive, too!
One of the most important celebrations in our culture only happens because of a very important thing…the padrino tradition. Traditionally, the quinceanera and her parents will ask grandparents, primos, tios, tias and close friends to accept the honor of being the padrinos for this special occasion. By sponsoring essential items for a celebration, such as the band, cake, venue and more, padrinos help lessen the financial burden on the family. More significantly, padrinos create a sense of community by supporting and pitching in for the main cause.!

Our ancestors believed being asked to be a padrino was an honor and that the blessings the family receives on the special day will be passed on to their padrinos as well. This tradition has been handed down for generations… and we have some great news for you!
MiPadrino.com brings this tradition into 2018. No more handwritten lists of your party needs…just add everything to your list online, and share with your friends and family all across the globe. Create your own personalized event page to share important details about your party, while encompassing the padrino tradition. Share your map, photos, directions, and more with your guests and padrinos. Padrinos can contribute easily online using your Mi Padrino page, and the money goes right into your bank account! How awesome is that?!

“Like your fairy godmother, Mi Padrino wants to help you organize your event with ease. Keep track of your padrinos with our checklists, and find planning tools, local vendors, and trendy Quince products all in one place. The best part is, it’s FREE!”

This is how MiPadrino works for you…

1.- Create Your Free Event Page
After signing up, you will create a customized event page. Your event page will include all the party details; your venue, location, dates, times and most importantly, the items you will need for your party.

2. Plan Your Event
Use Mi Padrino to find vendors for your venue, cake, caterers, and all the other services you will need for your big day! You can read through our planning guides to learn more about planning an event, how to share your page with padrinos, budgeting tips, dress types, questions for vendors, and more!

3. Share Your Event with Padrinos
Let your friends and family know about your big day! Find your Padrinos, and send them an invitation using your event’s unique link. This will give them all the details needed to help in the celebration planning. Your Padrinos can use the event link to quickly see all of the items you need. They get to choose which of your items they would like to contribute to and easily pay online.

4. Enjoy the party!
Using Mi Padrino makes the planning easy, so relax! Receive donation notifications by text or email, keep track of what items have been funded, and make event updates as needed for your friends and family. Most of all, enjoy your big day knowing that you will have the party of your dreams!

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  • Mariah Gonzalez

    07, May,2018 3 years ago

    Mi Padrino is amazing! Check it out!

    I used Mi Padrino to plan my daughter’s quince, and it made everything so easy!!! You can download checklists for the day-of, organize your padrinos, and send your link to everyone who wants to help you out! it’s awesome!! It’s also free to use all the resources and planning guides!

  • Kim Gamez

    07, May,2018 3 years ago

    Thanks for the great editorial. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


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