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Now a day is super important to arrive at your party in style, it could be in a fancy limousine, a family Cadillac, or even a party bus. It all depends on what the party girl wants.

The Classy Quinceañera:

Sometimes is something fancy and classy like a six passenger limousine with flowers according to the colors of the party.

The Fancy Quinceañera:

They love the mysterious slick black Escalade Cadillac with an exclusive window tint. They usually got a driver dressed with a nice black tuxedo!

The Rockstar!

This types of Quinceañeras usually gets the biggest limousine and demand a round trip to the strip with her chambelan and friends. These girls love to think that the passengers on their right and left think they are next to a politician, a billionaire, or a celebrity like Robert Pattinson.

Anyway, no matter what your style is, don’t forget you’ll be 15 only once in your life…

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