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Hello, all quinceaneras-to-be who are pet lovers! How does the smell of fresh, crisp air of the outdoors together with your best pals (pets) in your most joyous quinceanera moments sound? Your best pals have been part of your everyday lives, and you want them to be inside your quinceanera photos? We don’t see why not!

If you happen to be someone who considers yourself a parent to a “fur baby,”  or consider pets to be family members, why not have them present at your big day too? It’s no secret that animals are becoming an increasingly popular addition to today’s quinceanera, but a question that you can have is exactly how to incorporate them. Whether it means making your childhood dog, including a majestic horse in your portraits, or having a special guest at your reception, there are multiple ways for animal lovers to incorporate furry friends into your big day.

Marco Vinicio Photography, Phoenix, AZ

So what can you do if your four legged pal isn’t a conventional pet fit to walk down the aisle? Bring them on site for an unforgettable photo shoot.

Marco Vinicio Photography, Phoenix, AZ

Not only is this pup absolutely adorable, you are too. Not to mention its accessories perfectly match the Quinceanera dress. If you want to work your dog into your quince, but would like to give it a classy twist, try fashioning a wreath in place of a collar that will match with your dress.





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