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One of the moments that your guests will look forward to the most on the day of your quinceanera. All eyes will be on you during those specific moments and although you may or may not be nervous about performing in front of all your guests, it’ll probably be one of the memorable moments of your quinceanera.

Daddy’s Little Girl

The first dance that you have to consider is the father daughter dance, which take place immediately after the changing of the slippers.

This dance is one that your dad is probably more nervous about than you and is an emotional moment for everyone in attendance-especially for him. When dancing with your dad it’s more important to enjoy the moment rather than worry about.

Whether or not you missed a step. Take advantage of that moment to thank him and remind him feel important.

If you and your dad don’t already have a special song for the both of you, below is a brief list of a few classic and popular songs.

These are the most popular songs

De Niña a Mujer  watch

La Ultima Muñeca watch

Tiempo de Vals watch

Vals de las Mariposas watch

Group Vals

After the dance with your dad you need to transition to the vals with your corte de honor. That vals is a formal dance performed by your group. You’ll need to have practiced the routine well in advance in order to perform in the best way possible. Your choreography, along with the songs you choose, should support the theme of your quinceanera.


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