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Band Group

People love live performances and tend to get very excited when they see a banda or band set up on stage. Before choosing your live performance, ask for a demo, videos footage or recommendations from friends. The only disadvantage to having a banda is that they only play their musical genere. But if banda is what you love, then you should’t have a problem with that!


Mariachi music is the most traditional music performed during a quinceanera. It is a beautiful idea to have guests serenaded by them during the dinner and to also have them perform the song to your father daughter dance.

If hiring a mariachi, make sure: clarify the number of hours they’re expected to perform, approve the wardrobe they’ll wearing, know the exact number of members in the group, provide them with a list of songs to play during specific moments of the party. You should also give them a list of songs to avoid.

If hiring a live band and a mariachi, make sure not to book both of them for the same hours. If you do, you’ll be paying for one of them to just wait on the side until the other is done playing.

Music is one of the most important aspects of your party. And although there’s no way you can possibly fulfill all of your guests musical requests, you can make sure that you and your parent’s expectations are met.

Together with your parents, create a list of songs you want to hear at the party. Then, create a list of songs you definitely don’t want to be played at your quinceanera. This way, you’ll both be sharing the experience of having music that you approve.

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