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ALRIGHT,  so i know thats it’s every Quinceañera’s dream to be on the cover of Quineañera Magazine. You may think you have what it takes because you’re photogenic, charming and beautiful. But the winner of the Miss Cover Girl beauty pageant is more than that. She is a public speaker, she’s elegant, charismatic, professional, confident, educated and modest. Most importantly, she is a role model to girls all over the country at every age. The team of Quinceañeras Magazine is very careful about whom we allow to be contestants for our beauty pageants and the judges that we choose know exactly what were looking for.

So before you decide to enter the beauty pageant in hopes of winning and becoming the next face of Quinceañera Magazine ask yourself these questions:

CAN I BE A ROLE MODEL? We would like a young lady worthy of having young girls looking up to her. Do you curse, have inappropriate pictures on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, argue with your parents or get in trouble at school? Those are some of the qualities that we do not want in a Cover Girl. Those things not only misrepresent our magazine, but her family’s upbringings and herself. We want a girl that is committed to furthering her education, has strong morals, a positive attitude and has a strong sense of who she is. That girl is worthy of being recognized and admired.

DO I LIKE SPEAK IN FRONT OF LARGE CROWDS OF PEOPLE? When we present our Cover Girl at events or Expos, sometimes it is expected for her to give encouraging words to future Quinceañeras or talk about her experience as Cover Girl. It never fails to impress parents, judges, business partners or strangers when a young lady can gain the attention of a crowd and speak clearly and elaborately.

AM I MODEST? What we want is a girl that can carry herself confidently and modestly. whether it’s what you’re wearing, how you are talking, or who you surround yourself with. All of these things determine first impressions and what example you’re giving to others, especially young girls.

AM I COMMITTED? Being a Cover Girl takes a lot of time and responsibility. Of course everyone has other activities and sports, but can you make time to be a Cover Girl? it is a full-time of representing a dress, advertised business and Quinceañera Magazine. Also you will expected to make appearances at events maybe even after you time as Cover Girl and you too become a team of QM. People will recognized you and notice how carry yourself. Commitment is key to excellence.

As you can see, being a Cover Girl is more than just a pretty girl pictured on a magazine. She is a symbol of hard work, commitment and modesty. These things combined are more beautiful than physical beauty. It is a privilege and a once in a life time opportunity and the girl that is most qualified will win. Before you make the decision to be a contestant, ask yourself honestly: do i have what it takes to be the next cover of Quinceañera Magazine?


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