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You’re only young once and there are some many things that are better to do while your are young, of course with responsibility. Challenges, activities, trips, dreams, goals, overcome fears and reach objetives. every day is unique and it never happens twice. Check this bucket list for teens to make sure that you are living your best life now !!!

1-Travel outside the country.

2-Say “Yes” to something that scare you (skydiving for example)

3-Learn to cook a dish that you like.

4-Play in the rain.

5-Sleep under the star.

6-Take a family road trip.

7-Learn the basics of a foreign language.

8-Complete a DIY project.

9-Make your parents feel proud of you.

10-Write a list of your dreams and save it.

11-Kiss your crush.

12-Get your drivers license.

13-See your favorite band in concert.

14-Go to college.

14-Learn to play an instrument.

15-Dye your hair a crazy color.

16-Read every novel by your favorite author.

17-Study abroad.

How many of this things have you done? how many items to you still need to cross off?



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