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A lot of young Latinas have their Quinceanera simply because “it’s what you do”- but Quinces are an old tradition. Like, very old. Back in the days of the Aztecs, over six hundred years ago in the heart of Mexico, the Aztecs considered fifteen years old girls to be ready for marriage-Yikes! That’s young!

When the spanish conquistadores invaded Mexico, their culture was mixed with the Natives Aztecs, and the Quinceaneras started to become a coming of age celebration, instead of a “ready for marriage” celebration.

Believe it or not, plenty of the tradition has survived since the days of the Aztecs! In the Aztec Quinceanera ceremony, there was:

*A religios Ceremony

*A community gathering of family and friends 

*A speech given by parents in thanks and pride for their daugthers

*A tradition dance and celebration

*Symbolics gifts

The tradition spread to different parts of Central and South America, leading young women both within and beyond Mexico to celebrate their fifteenth birthday.

Whit immigration to the United States, over 400,000 Quinces take place in the United States every year. Each one has its own little twist, of course! Some Quinceaneras are in english, some are bilingual in english and spanish. Some are lavish and elaborate, while others are intimate and close, with plenty of loving family.

“Whichever type of Quinceanera you decide to have, now you know the origin of where Quinceaneras came from, and you will remember that it’s only your big day, but a part in an ancient, beautiful tradition”



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