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Let’s face it, making good genuine friends these days is hard at any age! It seems like everyone already has a best friend or doesn’t have room for new ones. the truth is that things aren’t like in middle school anymore where you’re shy and awkward. You are officially a lady and should be able to start a conversation with anyone. Whether you’re the new girl or you’ve just been quiet and practically invisible, here are three ways to come out of your shell.

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Try something new:

A new sport, club, hobby, or group at school. A new experience will surely lead to new people who you already have something in common with.

Strike a conversation:

If you notice something you might have in common with someone, say something, or if you notice something different about someone, maybe a talent, culture, or something that they’re obviously interested in that you know nothing about, ask them to tell you more about it!

Have a Open Mind:

The less judgmental you are, the more beauty you’ll see.

You don’t have to have friends that are only interested in the things that you’re interested in, that’s not fun. Have a group of friends that are all diverse, have different opinions, interest and backgrounds. Remember to respect their beliefs and always be positive.

De La Vega Estudios
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