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Part two of three…. Doing fun projects

1-Clean your Room: To some this idea might not seem fun, but it can be turned into a fun activity, and it will make your parents happy. Take pictures of each section of your room including: the flor, under your bed, the closet, your dresser, and your bed. In addition, take a single picture of the entire room from the door. Then, repeat the photos after you’ve finished cleaning.

2-Redecorate your Bedroom: Summer is a great time to reinvent yourself and your room. consider giving your bedroom a makeover!

-Begin by getting some catalogs on bedspreads, paints, bedroom furniture, curtains and maybe even carpets and lights too.

-Remember that new carpet and dressers cost more than paint, bedspreads and curtains combined. If you are set on the more expensive makeover, consider getting looking  at second hand or thrift stores for unique, cheap(er) dressers.

-Go shopping for accessories, such as: posters, pictures, games, bulletins boards, bean bag cushion, lava lamp, bookshelf and books, wastepaper basket and whatever you think you might like to have in your room.

3-Write a shorty story: A short story can be as short as 500 words and as long as 10,000 words. You store can be about anything you want. Have a friend or two look over you first draft (offer to look over theirs too if you want!). Then have an english teacher or librarian go over for any missed spelling or grammar mistakes.

4-Bake:  Everyone loves sweets right? Have fun over the summer by baking sweets and chocolates! You can find recipes in old cookbooks and online. Have fun-invite friends over.

-If you make a lot of treats, take some over to a senior center! Enjoy getting to know the people there and watching theme enjoying.

5-Volunteer your time and Talent:  You time is a greater gift. Find volunteer programs and meaningful causes to support, Volunteering is also renowned for skill development and is often intended to promote goodness or to improve human quality of life,  Here is 50 Community Services Ideas for Teen Volunteers in your City, or you can start planning your next summer, traveling to a volunteer program check in the website for information Project Abroad   this is the better way to spend summer getting Community Service Experience, Cultural Immersion, Skill-Building, and human values.

To be continued…..

Dori Love



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