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Looking for something to do during vacation? Unable to think of things on your own? There are so many ideas and fun things to do that it can be a bit overwhelming. Not to worry. See step 1 to get started planning your super awesome summer vacation!

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Part One of Three:

Enjoying Summer Vacation with Friends

1- Throw a “School Year is Over!” Party. Make invites from construction paper, glitter, magazine clippings etc and invite guests. This of course should include all your friends, but also consider inviting the shy quiet classmate who is always by him/herself. Try to get this person to come out of their shell and party; you never know what you might learn.

*Choose good music, get snacks and have a contest or plan games.

2-Make a Friendship Scrapbook. You can either do this by yourself or invite your friends. Print out a bunch of photos and buy some stickers, glue, etc. If you are with your friends, ask them to bring copies of pictures they have. Have some snacks while making it and come up with captions for each image. Don’t forget you can use old magazines and draw on the scrapbook too!

3-Have a picnic. Be it in a nature preserve, a park, or in your back yard, picnics are fun way to get out and about with your friends. Depending on where you have the picnic, specially if it’s a hot day.

4-Go see a Movie with Friends. See if you can get together an entrouage of ten or twenty. If the theatre happens to be in a mall, after the movie is over you can go shopping or eat in the food court.

5-Visit an Arcade with Friends. See who can get the most tickets. Consider having a contest: Set a cash limit and the person with the most tickets once everyone has spent that amount gets a portion of everyone else’s tickets!

6-Have a sleepover. Invite your friends over for a sleepover. Have a pillow fight. Watch scary movies, play video games, talk, have makeovers….. what ever you want.

7-Got to a Con. There are all kinds of Cons: Anime-cons, furry-cons, renaissance fairs, etc. If all the actual cons that interest you are too expensive or too far away, create one in your backyard! It can be anything you want it to be, such as a Danny Phantom Con, or a scrubs Con, or a South Park Con. Get all your friends to come up dressed up as a character.

8-Join a club. Joining a club is a great way to make new friends who share your same interest. If you can’t find any clubs in your area that interest you, consider making up a club with your friends! you can invite new people to be members or just keep between you.

9-Join an online Role-playing Forum. If you like wolves, you can always play a wolf on a role-playing forum that is all about wolves. That or you and your friends can create a role-playing forum for that specific purpose and it doesn’t have to be wolves, it can be tigers, lions, bears, University, Harry Potter, etc…

10- Go Skateboarding with a Group of Friends. Try to do this somewhere it’s safe and allowed. You can go to a park with a place designed for skateboarding. You could show off to friends what you know and try to teach others.

11-Go Camping! Invite a bunch of your friends to go camping. You don’t have to go camping in the woods-if you’d rather you can camp out in your backyard or even the beach. Have a barbecue, picnic, go fishing.

12-Sign up for an adventure camp. This is an awesome way to get out of the house for a couple weeks and you discover a new talent such as trekking or rock climbing!

To be continued ………

Dori Love

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