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NMCG ’14 Nelly Hernandez, Photography Oralia Renteria Nebraska.

Wow! look at that!, there are only 20 days for Christmas! Are you ready? that is a question we hear quite often these days, isn’t it? What do people mean when they ask if you are ready for Christmas? Well, usually means things like…

  • Do you have all your Christmas list done?
  • Have you help your parents put the Christmas decorations up?
  • Are you ready for your Christmas visitors (family & friends)?

What’s is the real meaning of Christmas?

The modern world’s versions of Christmas is all about gifts under the tree, the light’s in the window’s, decorations, the cards in the mail, shouts of  “Feliz Navidad”.

Christmas is a season of great of joy, love, gratitude, no matter your beliefs. The true meaning of Christmas is love. Family and real friends is everything around the holiday season, it’s about spending time with the people your love.

”To give up one’s very self- to think only of others- how to bring the greatest happiness to others “ – that is true meaning of Christmas  

Merry Christmas…

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