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A tuxedo is the most elegant and formal attire that a male of any age can wear. The right tux can make any guy look and feel like a millions bucks. Although on the day pf your Quinceanera the main focus will not be on your chamberlains and their tuxedos, it is still important for them to be dressed their best.

There are various factors that go into choosing a tuxedo, such as: the style, fit, color and cost. You should also consider wither the style of the tux fits your Quinceanera theme. For example:

“ If you theme were a 1920’s-inspired roaring twenties party, then a pinstripe tux with a vest and tie would fit nicely. But if you’re having a princess theme celebration, perhaps a tuxedo with a full dress tailcoat is more appropriate.”

The complete tuxedo look

The tuxedo consist of a man’s formal jacket and combing a dress pants. They are most commonly worn with a white, button-down shirt, vest, cummerbund and bow tie. The most popular colors for formal tuxedos are black, gray and navy.

To give your chambelane’s tuxedos a creative edge, you can have them wear fun, custom printed ties, socks with fun patterns and design, or hats that match the overall style of the tuxedo.

The most popular:

Is the classic cut, which gives a fuller fit and accommodates people of all sixes. You may also want to consider the modern and slim cuts. Both styles are trimmer than the classic cut, with the slim option being the most fittest of them all.

The button-down:

Shirt should be crisp white and wrinkle-free. White is the best option for the shirt because it shows formality and gives the suit a great contrast.

The vest is what adds:

Color and different texture to the suit. You can incorporate your Quinceanera colors into the tuxedo by having the vest, cummerbund and bowtie match your color theme.

The accessories:

Are the final touch on the tuxedo. The most popular accessories are suspenders, cufflinks, a boutonniere, dress shoes and pocket square.

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