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What’s your vision for your Quinceanera? Is it very traditional, glitzy and girlie or a very modern celebration? Answer this short personality quiz to help you discover the perfect theme for you.

QUIZ… What’s the right for you?

1.My favorite colors consist of:

a.Bright/Neon colors

b.Soft colors like pink, peach, white

c.Whatever is in season

2.My favorite flowers are:

a.Tulips and Daisys

b.Roses and Hydrangeas

c.Sunflowers and Orchids

3.My favoriye Disney Princess is:




4.My favorite season of the year:




5.My preferred shoes:




6.My favorite movie or book genere:



c.Based on true stories/Funny

Mostly A’s

You should consider having a colorful quinceanera. Your party should reflect your fun, outgoing personality, which is why the use of cool props (like marks, neon lights sticks and boas) would be great for your guests to enjoy at the Photo Booth and dance floor.

Sweet All Occasions KC

Mostly B’s

You are a hopeless romantic. You look forward to your very own happily ever after and wish to include that love for fairytales into your quinceanera. Fortunately, you can achieve that by having details of lace, sparkle and tons of flowers as part of our theme. Just be careful not to get carried away and make your quinceanera look like a wedding. It’s the details what count.

Marco Vinicio, Phoenix

Mostly C’s

Your down to earth personality is attracted to things that hold special meaning to you. For your quinceanera decor, consider using special accents, your favorite quotes in frames as part of your table decorations.

Dela Vega Studios, Salem Oregon


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