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Aron Martinez Photography, San Diego

The decor is the nicest visual at your quinceanera; it should be coordinated with your theme and color scheme of choice. You do not have to have an exact match to your color will be a nice compliment and even more elegant. If you will be using natural flowers make sure to order at least three months in advance. The height of your centerpieces should be in proportion with the size of your banquet facility. If you will be using balloons make sure to hire a professional.

If your decor is included with your reception package, we suggest you should ask the following question?

-What kind of flower arrangements do they provide?

-In total how many flower arrangement do they provide?

-Will they also decorate the head table and the side table?

-What kinds of flower arrangements are available?

-If i decide to customize my arrangements are available?

-Are low and high vases available?

-Can i choose, a combination?

-Do you use ballon decorations?

-Can i bring my own additional decorations?

-What time am i allowed to come decorated?

-Do you have restrictions on decorated props like decorated columns, arch’s etc.?

-Am i allowed to use candles as part of my decor?

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