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As i’m sure you’ve noticed planning a Quinceanera can get pricey. There are so many things to take into account: from the receptions hall, to the dress, to the doll and jewelry. The best thing about the Hispanic culture and tradition is that whenever someone decides to have a big event like this or a wedding is that we can count on our family to contribute. In other words, your padrinos. They contribute money or sponsorship that they don’t expect for it to be paid back. It’s a mutual understanding that in the future if they ever plan an event for themselves or their children, they can come to you and your family for help as well.

What are “Padrinos”?

Padrinos are godparents, not just the ones who baptize you but also the ones who present you with sponsorship, gifts and blessing on your special day. Remember in the beginning when we talked about building a team for your event? Padrinos are a big part of this team. A padrino or madrina can volunteer or be  assigned a particular item(s). They can contribute with money towards the total for that category or the full amount.

The budget is a financial plan to stay with in the price range that your parents can afford. The initial budget number is a starting point for your parents to being making financial arrangements.

”Will be things you’ll want to indulge in, and other party details in which you’ll need to cut back on”

Two of the best ways to stay stress free and before you get ahead of yourself by looking up places for your reception, dresses and photographers, you and your parents should really sit down and talk about a planned budget. A budget is a planned amount of money that can be spent your party. It could be that your parents have been saving for this day since you were 10 years old, or they just recently decided to start putting money aside. Remember that all Quinceaneras come in different sizes and budgets.


-Fewer guests means more funds to use towards decorations and party gifts.

-Make your party “By invitation only”

-DIY (Do it yourself): if you’re creative consider making your own decorations instead of having them made.

-Padrinos can share the cost

-Some (not all) prices can be negotiated.

Here are three things to consider before you make a list possible candidates for padrinos:

-Do you and your family have a close relationships with them?

-Are they reliable and you can count on them.

-Are they able to contribute financially?

Approaching Padrinos 

-Communication is probably the most important part when requesting help from a madrina or padrino. You want to be clear about what you would like and what you are requesting from them. You and your parents can set up a meeting.

-Don’t be shy They are expecting you to ask. Padrinos play a major role in a Quinceanera. Not only are they contributing financially to your party, but they are also sacrificing their personal time to join your celebration. When talking to friends and family members about possibly being a padrino, consider starting off with something like this:

1-Begin the conversation by acknowledging and thanking them for the role they’ve played in your life. Example: “I want to thank you for being like a second father / mother to me and always supporting me”

2-Then, let them know that you’ll be having a quinceañera and would like their personal blessing. Example: “ As you know, i turn 15 years old next year and we’ve decide to celebrate with a Quinceanera! and of course, we couldn’t celebrate this with out you.”

3-Finalize by asking for their contribution, Example: “Because you are a such an important part in my life, i was wondering if i could count on you to be my padrino of ___________.”

Thank you !

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