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You are unique planning your Quinceanera!!  Are the usual princess themes not for you? Your guest know you are  unique, and they are expecting the unexpected. You are hoping to WOW! your guests with a theme they’ve never experienced before! No problem, Here you can find some unexpected Quinceaera unique theme ideas.

1-Dia de los Muertos

You were born for the love of your family roots traditions since you can remember. Have a special Dia de Los Muertos Quincenera! Incorporate the history tradition in every detail, invitations, cake, surprise dance, center piece, decorations, damas outfits, this will be a memorable Quinceanera party for all guests.

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2-New York

You are a fan of amazing cities around the world, so bring it to your Quince, can be historical and unique cities, is so many cities with a extensive history to create unique atmosphere for your Quinceanera, a good example New York, Japan, London, Spain (a flamenco Quinceanera theme will be rock the night) to mention some.

Decoration Casany Decor KC


You are a time geek and have a favorite, use it as your inspiration to create your theme. 50’s, 60’s, 70’s are amazing times to create you unique and unforgetable Quinceanera, get creative, be the producer, the director and the main star!


Avenir Studios, Kansas City


Daddy’s little girl tomboy at heart and your passion is sports. Make it your theme. Show off your athletic side! Wear your softball uniform for you surprise dance, have your florist to incorporate soccer balls as your center pieces (with will also make a perfect souvenir) Decorate your dessert table with your favorite sport props….Have your photo booth include only sport theme props.

You’re imagination has not limits, to be continued…..

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