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Your guests make your party very special. They show love and support for your special day and bring gifts and money for you in celebration and thanks. What Quinceaneras sometimes forget to do is thank their guests in a personal, direct way. The best way to do this is by sending a card thanking them for their attendance, and whatever they may have left for you.

Thank you!

The most IMPORTANT task after the quince that everyone forgets!

Sending a letter like this isn’t only polite, some might say that it’s needed. Think of all the times you say “thank you”

*When someone gives you a ride
*When someone gives you a gift
*When someone pays for semething
*When you received something

That last one is a big one. Anytime you receive something, like at your reception, you should say thank you!

You can be creative and fun with your thank you cards, or you can be sweet and simple. It’s important to handwrite each card to your guests rather than using a template and changing the names.

Thank them for attending, for gifts they may have given you, and leave anything else you think you should. They will be happy that you thought of theme and felt grateful for their presence, and you should!

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