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IT’S A MUST. You have to say thanks in public, and it’s not proper to hide away and pretend that no one will notice. It is your celebration and everyone expects to see you shine every aspect throughout the night. This will probably be the most difficult part of your party because the excitement, the goosebumps, fear of public speaking and lots of other factors might keep you from saying how grateful you are and to whom.

EXPERIENCE  has taught me that the best speech is not the longest one, but the most precise. You don’t have to tell grandma how much you love her there and then because there’s a chance you’ll get too emotional and tears will ruin your speech. Bedsides, your friends would rather dance than to see a whole bunch of people crying over something they don’t understand. Therefore, it is better to give a brief speech in which you can tell all those who made your Quinceanera possible and also your guests how happy you are and thankful.


“I’D LIKE O THANK  you all for sharing with me this special day, and this beautiful party which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my parents and my family. I thank all and each one of them for their effort, their support and love. I love you all and i hope you continue to enjoy the party.”

“I’M NOT VERY GOOD at giving speeches, but i really want to share with you how happy i feel to celebrate my fifteen surrounded by people that love me as much as i love them. I thank my family and friends because they made my party possible. Thank you once again.”

“TODAY IS ONE of the most important and happy days of my life and now that i get a chance to celebrate it with my family and friends i want to thank you for your support and love. Thank you for coming and Let’s Party! ”

Of course these are just suggestions, but you can say whatever you wants at long as you stay relaxed and cool, and don’t let nervousness betray you.



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