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“Open your eyes, start looking around, you’ll may find the perfect spot”

Location is really important you don’t just want to do do a photo session in your back yard. You want a place that will make you stand out and make that photo session amazing. You always want to look for natural lighting and open spaces like parks, hotels with great views, deserts, a beach, lakes, and even neighborhoods could be great. Try to keep your eyes open when going out, you never know when you will see something you like. What i like to do is take a picture of the places i like and write down the dress. i’m the type of person that always bring her camera, because you never know what can inspire you. Well girls i hope to see beautiful pictures on the page soon.


Let’s talk about what type of makeup you should wear to a photo shoot. They are many different makeup brands and so many makeup looks out there, so how are you ever going to choose? Well i start by looking at my outfit and the style that i want to show. When doing this you must always remember not to be matchy matchy, it does look god. what i mean by that is if you have a pink dress don’t try to match your eyes shadow with it. instead try basic color like brown, black, or even gray. Staying with naturals colors can help bring out your eyes and accessories  your dress. Make up can be a bit scary and sometime over whelming if you are not a pro; luckily we have professionals to help. Today you could pretty much find makeup artist everywhere. So if you are not sure how good you are with makeup i suggest a makeup artist. Now if you feel like you could do it on your own i’m going to suggest some great products for photoshoots.

Product #1 foundation:

This product is very important. On the day of the photo shoot you want to look flawless so you need something with full coverage try Mac face and body or Laura Mercier Silk creme foundation.

Product #2 Eye shadow:

This product is all about your preference. drugs stores today have a great eye shadow pallets that can be use to make your eyes pop.

Product’s #3 Mascara & Fake Lashes:

These products will complete your eye look and make it great! Always remember that makeup is for enhancing your natural beauty and not to hide your flaws. So i hope this products list help you look good the day of your photo shoot.


As many of you know we do a lot of photo shoots here at Quinceanera Magazine. So we know a thing or two about photo taking. Photo shoots can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes bad. While photo shoots can be glamorous they are hard work, specially if you don’t know how to pose or bring your best feature. Now because this is a blog and not a video i’m going to try to explain in the best i can. Let’s jump start with your face. Make sure you are in a place with good lighting (the bathroom always work). Ask your mom or sister to take different pictures of you smiling. That’s how you’re going to determine which side is your best side. Make sure you also take a picture of different angles, and that way the next time you take a selfie you won’t have to go through a million.


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