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This is a common mistake in many quinceaneras. To avoid this mistake you must give specific instructions of what is important to you and your family in the photo album.

After deciding what photography style you would like for your quince pictures, make an appointment with a few professionals. When you meet with them make sure to ask as many questions as possible. Take notes during your conversation with them and try to understand how they work. Here is a list of the must to-be-taken pictures. Most photographers know how to do their job, but you still to tell what is important to you.

At the house:

-Quinceanera showing her accessories

-Quinceanera before dressing up

-The accesories

-Getting makeup done

-Putting on the accessories

-Hugging mom and dad

-Receiving a blessing from your parents

-With Damas and Chambelanes

-Boarding the Limo

Marco Vinicio Photography

At the church:

-The Quinceañera entering the ceremony

-Quinceanera pictures at the church

-Special moments

-Offering flowers to the Virgin

-Walking out the church

-Receiving hugs outside the church

-Pictures at the altar (if allowed)

-After Pictures (at park, beach, etc.)


-With all Damas

-With all chambelanes

-With all group

-Whit chamberlain de honor

-Whit padrinos

-Whit parents

-With friend and family

-Fun pictures with group

At reception

-Quinceanera and her parents

-Quinceanera and her grandparents

-Quinceanera and siblings

-Quinceanera and damas

-Quinceanera and chambelanes

-Quinceanera and her padrinos

-Quinceanera and her mom’s siblings

-Quinceanera and her dad’s siblings

-Quinceanera grand entrance

-Father and Daughter dance

-Baile sorpresa


-The cake

-The cake Cutting

-The Table decorations

If you think we skip someone add in this list !

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