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Avenir Studios, Kansas City

In the age of Instagram, aren’t Quinceaneras all about photographs and videos these days? if you are about to start planning your Quinceanera, i can bet a million dollars that the one thing that you are most excited about is your pre-Quinceanera photo shoot or the new trend video clip.

Per-Quinceanera video shoots are the best when they film the essence of you to its fullest. To get perfect vision of your favorites moments, explore your interests and incorporate them into your video. And luckily, we live i a world where everything is possible when it comes to technology.

So, if you’re trying to figure out what suits you the best, we have hand picked some great ideas and themes for your pre-quinceanera video shoot:

-Including Your Quinceanera Theme

Yes, if you are planning a New York theme Quinceanera or Mexican traditions (for example of thousand theme ideas) you can recreate it for your video, incorporate pretty scenes why you choose it that theme.

-Turn Into You

Is all about you, personality, dreams, wishes and aspirations. Pick up your favorites childhood  memories (pictures, videos, toys, special outfits like bautismo clothes first school uniform, first doll, last bottle) I think this will be mine !

-Including your Specials Ones 

Can be your parents, grandparents, siblings or any member of your family who have an special and important roll in your childhood life, do you have pets that are integral part of your family and well, life? Then feature their cute furry faces in your pre-video and increase their cute quotient.

-Musical Video Clip

Are you a music fan?? Then why not make you pre-Quinceanera video totally musically. pick up your favorite song and recreate it for your shoot.

Pro Tip: Choose the most iconic music that are full of emotion.

-Glow in Snow, in the Rain, On the Beach….

All about nature, glistening white snow a part of your shoot, get yourself some cute senses by getting clicked in the rain, a beach sunset or if you’re adventurous and experimental then you can definitely go for an under water video, In to the wild if you are a nature lover you should get clicked amidst lush green trees and bushes, a evening at the stars, Adding props for the drama using colors bombs to make vibrant and full of life or simply a fairy tale touch.

Now you have many ideas and examples to make your pre-video epic !

Videos by Estudio Innovation KC/Oscar Ramos Iowa
By Dori Love

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