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A young latinas 15th birthday is for sure the most anticipated birth-day of her life time. A time that as Latinos we traditionally celebrate the Quinceanera a beautiful, memorable time between parents and daughters… The reality is that the planning stage can be also be a very stressful time, especially for mom whom typically takes the role of quinceañera planner. See below are warnings signs that mom needs a break from quince planning.

1-Everithing she talks about with everyone revolves around the quince party.

2-She has not socialized with friends, since the planning started.

3-Working more/getting a second job because she has spent too much money.

4-She is not herself anymore; she is irritable and cranky all the time.

5-You are not enjoying the planning time, instead you are constantly disagreeing.

No worries, we have the following suggestions for a stress free Quince planning.

1-Make a pact with your parents and set a side a time weekly and daily as time gets closer to discuss the quince “to do’s”

2-Encourage your parents to go out on date night al least once a week or for mom to have a “girl’s night” with friends.

3-Don’t be a “quincilla” be reasonable with the services a product you selected and make sure that it is affordable. Be grateful, say thank you and prepare a hot bubble bath for her.

4-Be organized and have a quinceañera planner (Download here) with all your notes, guest lists, contracts, etc. Relief her with task that you can do, like communicating directly with your court with rehearsals, fitting, etc.

5-If you can afford one, a Quinceanera Planner is highly recommended, this way your parents can also enjoy the party.

Just for Yamila Chacon Event Coordinator 

”Plan ahead, be organized, be patient and understanding and remember everything your parents are doing is to make your dream quince party. Follow our suggestions and enjoy this very special time, because it only happens ONCE in a lifetime.”


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