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What to look for/in a Makeup Artist.

A MAKEUP ARTIST is a professional or talented individual who can apply makeup not only on you, but also on your mamas, mom and marinas for your Quinceanera. There are many to choose from, whether they are specially trained or aspiring freelance.

Make up by Regina Valenzuela, Arizona


Here is a check list to help you to pick the right one:

1) Is he/she experienced? Whether her techniques are professional training she learned in a class or does her talent come from practice and You Tube vides?

2) Does he/she have a portfolio?

3) Does she do her make up well and have pictures of other Quinceañeras she’s done? -How they look?

4) Do you feel comfortable with him/her? Did she make a good impression on you?

5) Do you think she will make you feel you’re most beautiful that day?

6) What kind of makeup does she use?

Makeup Glam by Christopher, Arizona


Be picky with your makeup artist and remember, it’s not always about the price. Sometimes try to save money and let a friend or a cousin who may know how to do their makeup well, but that doesn’t make them a professional. Let theme do your makeup some other time, not your Quince.

“Remember this makeup needs to last all day, through tears, laughing and sweat!!” 

Makeup by Royal Beauty Services KC

Jessica Bahena.



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