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Prepare yourself:

Now that you have a general idea of what your vision is, what you would like and who you would like to work with, it’s time to prepare yourself mentally. As mentioned earlier that the planning of your Quince was going to be and emotional roller coaster with ups and downs, yet still an adventure. it will get to a point where that’s all that anyone is talking about. Thought this article there will be tips on on how to stay stress free. However, being stressed out, overwhelmed and tired are not reason throw tantrums or be disrespectful to anyone. Celebrating this new chapter in your life comes with the privilege of having a party but also with the expectation that you carry your self in a lady-like way. All eyes are on you never know whose watching, who’s looking up to you or how much work behind the scenes is taking place to make this day extra special. Be kind. Be prepared.


The date you choose should be a day that all of your guests can attend or make arrangements in advance if they’re planning on traveling from out of state and country. Don’t get so caught up in the planning that you accidentally schedule it on a National Holiday or other event. You want to considerate of others people’s beliefs and special day’s.

”Here is a list of day’s for you to think twice about”

-New year’s Eve/Day 

-Mothger’s Day

-Father’s Day

-Fourth of July weekend 

-March 17th St. Patrick’s Day

-Thanksgiving weekend

-Super Bowl Sunday

-Valentine’s Day


-Christmas Season

Let’s get to work….


12 Months

★How exciting! Family meeting: Mom, Dad, i decide i want a Quinceanera and i want the best party ever!

★Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Quinceanera Magazine, websites…. Start downloading and printing your favorites ideas.

★Register on quinceanerasmagazine.com

★Go to a Quinceanera Magazine Expo in your area.

★Set the magic date.

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11 Months

★Create a guest list.

★Plan a budget plan with your parents

★Pick padrinos

★Set fitness goals

★Pick your royal court/ corte de honor

★Book a place for your ceremony and reception

10 Months 

★Choose a party theme

★Hire Quince planner (if you are using one)

★Start looking for a photographe /videographer

★Create Invitations

★Decide what your damas and chambelanes will wear


★Party gifts (recuerdos) When personalized it may take up to 3 months to deliver

9-8 Months

★Compile and determine the final guest list with names and adresses

★Start looking for invitations ideas

★Send save the dates

★Hire Photographer and videographer

★Start looking for your dress


7 Months

Find your chambelan and Dama outfit

★Order your Quince gown

★Find your shoes and accesories

★Start interviews on a makeup artist and hair stylist

★Select readings and songs for your ceremony

★Look for a hotel for a hotel four out town guests

★Negotiate group discounts


6 Months

Flowers and Florist

★Look for a choreographer

★Start a basic gift registry list

★Book your music, if is Dj, or live band

★Have your Pre-Quince photoshoot

★Order your quince invitations

★Chambelan and Dama tuxedo and dress fittings

★If you will have jewelry, its time to start looking

★Book tent, lighting and others rentals if needed


5 Months

Schedule meetings and cake tasting

★Book a choreographer

★Review invitations proofs

★Look for all the accessories (tiara, ramo, tocado, etc)

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4 Months

★Rent a Limo (Party Bus, Classic Car, Carriage, etc)

★Meet with priest or ceremony officiant

★Choose decorations

★Choose table linens

★Choose centerpieces


2-3 Months

★Order Cake

★Start choosing songs for reception

★Mom’s dress

★Siblings outfits

★Dad’s outfit

★Make an appointment for your dress fitting

★Schedule a food tasting

★Finalize guest list

★Decide on Waltz songs

★Decide on baile sorpresa song

★Schedule choreography practices


8-4 Weeks

★Time to mail invitations

★Choose sitting cards

★Arrange sitting chapter

★Finalize all decorations

★Finalize all choreography

★Final trial run on your hair and makeup with accessories

★Final dress fitting

★Ceremony practice

★Confirm all your vendors

★Make a timeline for your vendors


4-2 Weeks

★Set up final meeting with your florist

★Arrange for people to help you seating and receving gifts at reception

★Confirm with hotel for rooms reservations

★Have a final dress fitting


1 Week

★Have your dress steamed

★Pick up your dress

★Call the limo company to confirm pick up time

★Get manicure and pedicure


★Hair color or retouch

★Break your heels in

★Practice your baile sorpresa one more time

★Prepare a “thank you” speech

★Rehearsal religious ceremony at location

4 Days 

★Practice your speech

★Final choreography practice

★Write a program of your day

★Give guest book, cake, cake knife, champagne bottles and party favors to a person who will distribute them

★Confirm with your damas all outfits are put together and ready


2 Days

 Practice your speech one more time

★Review and finalize seating chart

★If possible arrange a get together with your close family feel the excitement!

1 Day


★Go to bed early

★Avoid salty foods


★Wake up early

★Have a good breakfast

★Get ready

★Be on time

★Relax and enjoy today is going to be a magical day!



★Return rental tuxedos

★Return all rentals

★Thank you all guests

★If preserving gown, send it to preservation company

★Send a thank you note to all the people that helped you.

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