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The best part of having a quinceanera is having your closest family and friends celebrate it with you. Whit that said, it’s not necessary to invite people you don’t know or are not close with. It’s important that the people that matter the most to you are invited. But just as important is to make sure that people that you didn’t invite don’t sneak in uninvited.

The best way to control your guest list is to get organized from the beginning and remain organized with your list throughout your party planning.

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Important questions

The length of every quinceanera guest list will depend on different factors. For example, if your family is large in members you should expect to have a long guest list. If you’re from a small family but have many friends, you should expect to have a long list as well.

But if you have neither a large family nor an extensive circle of friends, your list will be relatively shorter. Know that the number of guests, no matter how large or small it may be, does not determine the success of your celebration. After all, the people make the memories, not the number of guests.

Another key factor that will affect your guest list is your party budget. Ideally, most quinceaneras want to invite all their friends to their party. But for the most part, their budget simply don’t allow them to have a limitless guest list.

  • Finding your magic number of guest:

How many people does the budget allow? Remember you have to be able to seat and feed this amount of people.

  • What’s the seating capacity of your venue?
  • How much does each plate per person cost?
  • Whit your overall budget in mind, how many plates can you afford?
  • The magic number of guests is: ______


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