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Is your Quinceanera day, you are announced into the reception to a round of huge applause. Then, the DJ announces your waltz with your dad. This dance is a magical moment, even without special effects. However, for a truly unique and surreal father and daughter dance, consider an effect known as “Dancing in the Clouds.”

Avenir Studios Kansas City

This effect, typically performed by your DJ entertainment, involves the operation of a dry ice fog machine, enveloping the dance floor in an abundant layer of low-lying dry ice fog. This fog will typically be about knee high, giving the appearance that you are dancing in the clouds.

What will you feel? You will feel a cool sensation dancing in the ice fog. The air will be cool and easy to breathe. Again, there is no liquid residue from using this effect. The ice fog dissipates into a gas.

This is an incredible feature that will provide awesome photos for your photographer to capture during your Quinceanera day. 

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