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Smoke bomb photography is a kind of photography coloured smoke bombs to give an original and unusual effect of real smoke. Smoke bomb photography has exploded in popularity lately. In fact, smoke photography has become so trendy that even before.

Smoke bombs can be a great way to add a blast of color to your  pre-photoshoot quinceanera or for your invitations . Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your smoke bomb photography.

Check out this guide below, will help you when choosing a smoke bomb and how to use smoke bombs safely!

  • Choose a smoke bomb “cool-burning” designation or a line in the description that says they are safe to hold when burning. That’s because there are some smoke bombs that get too hot to handle, but hold it only from the bottom end of the smoke bomb, this area stays the coolest.
  • “Where to buy” Enola Gaye is one of the most popular and highly-rated brands. These smoke bombs were originally designed for paintball and airsoft games as a way of blocking the opposition’s visibility. But they have also become a favorite among photographers due to their high quality, ease of use, long burn duration, and the range of colors available.
  • These smoke bombs feature a wire-pull ignition system, which means there’s no need for a lighter. They last for about 60 to 90 seconds before burning out, price is around $7 to $9 apiece.
  • Make sure you plan out your shots carefully beforehand and take some practice shots without smoke. This is important because you’ll have to work very quickly once the smoke bomb is ignited.
  • The smoke can be used to create an interesting background, add atmosphere, or achieve captivating effects (you can holds a smoke bomb while moving around, for example, the smoke trails can be used to highlighting movement)
  • Outside photoshoots wait for a calm day.
  • If you hold smoke bombs too close to clothing, they can leave a stain, hold it away from you body.
  • Smoke bombs can continue heating up after they’ve stopped emitting smoke, so have a safe place to put them once you’re done with them, like a metal bucket.
  • Pay attention to any local regulations on fireworks. Smoke bombs are considered a pyrotechnic so all the usual rules apply, and their use may be restricted in your area.

Now that you know what it takes, get out there add an explosion of color to your shots with smoke bomb photography!

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