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So you were picked to be someone’s dama !!

Congratulations ! you were chosen because you’re someone very special to them! Now you have some dama duties, getting your dress, practicing a dance, and showing up right? Right !

The Quinceanera has alto going on right now, lots of decisions to be made, lots of stress and maybe she’s a little nervous , and she could use a good wing-woman by her side! But besides doing the obvious, here are three ways you can be a good data and she will love you even more!

Stay Positive: If she ask for you advice or tells you about how stressed she is about….. be supportive, be a good listener and help her keep a cool head.

Be drama free: Don’t be the dramatic dama who doesn’t get along with the others or is always saying something negative. Remember is not about you this time.

Be someone she can count on: If you say you’re going to do something, do it, even if it seems like a minor thing, keep you word and be responsible.

Don’t Compete: Let someone else be the one getting all of the attention for once, this day is all about her, and yes you’re important too, but just try to blend in, just once!

DO everything you can to make her feel special, hold her bouquet, fix her dress, hold her lip gloss, and tell her how beautiful she looks! That’s your job.

Jessica Bahena

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