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There are moments that mark different stages in life, and your quinceanera could come and go unnoticed;

This is precisely why you must select the best invitation design and let everyone know your Quinceanera is almost here. Start by visiting different print companies where you can compare prices and quality. Also, decide your preference in style, paper, weight, volume and color quality.

Be firm with your guest list, this will help you decide the amount of invitations you will need to order.

Finally pick a style, and remember your quince invitation will set the first impressions about your quince, therefore make sure you impact your guests from the very beginning.

*Simple and elegant

Embossing is a wonderful work that can raise your invitation surface by using color, stamps patterns and be done on sheets of fabric, pepper stock, cardboard and even metal. This is an excellent option to offer your guests, because you can combine it with a variety of details and figures, your name, initials, date of all the sizes and shapes. This is the best alternative because it is a unique design.

*Fun and Innovative

There are many ideas for fun and innovative invitations. Some examples include, 3D invitations decorated with your theme and photos, handkerchief (fabric) invitations will make a nice keepsake, wood carved items (such as a fan) hand painted by you will not only be original but will also wow your guests



Are you a dreamer? Create you custom spectacular invitations using sparkling paper stock, or light weight wood, decorate with different size twinkling stars, using glitter and let them shine. A different dreamer look can include, rainbow, fairies, flowers, butterflies, the sky is the limit ! What ever you dream about.

*The Classic

The simple but classic invitation can be found at most print shops, boutiques, photo studio etc… They are the typical invitation with an image of a quinceanera on the front, there are many varieties but very similar.

Tip: Once you have a theme and colors chosen you can include not only on your invitations but also on your flower, decorations, napkins, and all of your souvenirs.


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