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The big day is only one month left, the 30 days before your Quinceanera are full of rehearsals, fittings, and checking every single detail. How are you and mom feeling?.The obvious answer is stressed and for that reason, you are not taking care about your alimentation, personal care and sleep. However, you want to look perfect, fresh and you want to shine. So it is very important to follow the next small changes and you will see a big difference! Also, you can share with your mom and do it together during and after this journey.


BAD HABIT: Avoid Fast food.

GOOD HABIT: Add to your diet a lot of fruit & veggies.


BAD HABIT: Quit drink soda 

GOOD HABIT: Drink water, add slices of your favorite fruit. 


BAD HABIT: Not removing your make up before bed.

GOOD HABIT: Clean your face using gently soap morning and night, remove make up every night using natural humectants, such as coconut oil, olive or an hypoallergenic product, you will notice overtime flawless skin.


BAD HABIT: Being on your phone all the time. 

GOOD HABIT: Take a group class, can be Toning and strengthening, spinning, Dance is a good one if you love to dance!


BAD HABIT: Eat potato products or unhealthy snacks. 

GOOD HABITS: Consume healthy snack, such as almonds, granola bars or protein bars.



GOOD HABIT:  You should have hours of good sleep, at least 7 hours a night. 


BAD HABIT: Surround yourself with negative people

GOOD HABIT: Being around people that makes you think, feel and be better, helps to provide yourself with a healthy and happy life. 

This are some basic and simple bad habits that you can change. You can continue to not do these bad habits after your Quinceanera! This will be helpful for the rest of your life………ENJOY YOUR QUINCEANERA DAY !       

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