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WHAT SHOES DO I WEAR for the longest day of my life?

When getting everything ready for your Quinceanera, you prepare what you’re going to wear that day, your dress, and your outfit for baile sorpresa and then you pick shoes that match your dress. You want something that match your dress, but comfortable is the key word. It’s has been tradition to wear flats or sandals for church and through out the day. Now a days girls like to wear Converse, Vans or Sneakers that match their dress as well. Then at the reception it is a custom for the father or father figure of the Quinceanera to take off her “young girl” shoes, place the heels on her feet and then they dance. This is yet another symbol of a girl going into womanhood. Part of turning fifteen is being able to wear high heels, but maybe you don’t know what style to pick.

Here are 4 Tips to picking the perfect shoes:

*Pick a height you’re confortable with. Just because your friends can walk in four inch stilettos, doesn’t mean you have to start there. It would be a good idea to start with maybe 1-2 inches and once you’re comfortable walking in those, eventually you’ll feel confident wearing 4 inch heels too if you choose!

*Make sure they’re plat formed: The thinner the sole of the shoe or the thinner the heel, the more pain you should expect. Ask the sales associate at the store to show you their platform heels, it gives you an extra cushion and they’re easier to walk in.

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*Practice walking in them for a day: You want to make sure that you can actually walk in them before you dance the night away at your quince. It looks bad when a girl has a pair of cute heels, but can hardly walk in them. Put them on, wear them around the house or to run errands, break them in that way your feet don’t freak out when you wear them all night.

*Pick a neutral color: It’s always better to pick colors like silver or gold. Not only do they give good contrast to any dress, you can always wear them again for others events.

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HOPEFULLY THESE TIPS will make it easier for you to decide which pair of shoes is best for you not just for your quinceañera but also for everyday use. Worst case scenario , you can always switch back to your flats or sneakers that night, but remember you can’t wear those forever. Imagine a lawyer or business woman wearing sneakers with a dress! Start small and work you way up. Wearing heels is very feminine and a part of womanhood.


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