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There are stores that specialize in Quinceanera dresses and others that have a combination of wedding, Quinceanera and special event gowns. Here are the most popular places where you just might find  your perfect dress.


Most dress stores have many gowns in stock for you to try. They also have catalogs of dresses from where you can order. Many boutiques have in-store seamstresses that can tailor-make a gown specifically to your liking. If this is something you choose to do, you be involved in the entire dressmaking process, from selecting the fabric to the style and embellishments. The advantage of getting your dress made at a local boutique is that it’s convenient for you to communicate with the designer directly. WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO BUY YOUR DRESS AT A LOCAL BOUTIQUE. 



Many skilled seamstresses create quince gowns from the confort of their own home. Since they don’t have to worry about the overhead cost of running a shop, their price are typically lower than if you were buying a dress elsewhere.


If you want a popular designer to create a custom gown for you, you need to research their prices. You should know that this type of quince dress is the most expensive and that it might take longer to receive once ordered-depending on the popularity of the designer.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with borrowing a dress from a friend or family member. If they happen to have a dress that you absolutely love and that happens to fit you, or if you really don’t want to make a fuss over your dress, then perhaps this is the best option for you.


Shopping online is a relatively new way of finding a quince dress. When you browse a trusted site you have access to view every color and style by various designers, which are way more dresses that you can see at a local boutique. You can even view and order dresses from another country. You should have your measurements professionally taken before your purchase a dress online. This will eliminate the guessing work into filling out your dress size. Online is having to guess your size, wait for it to be shipped and risk the idea of not liking it.

Mass-Market Chains:

Much like shopping online where you have a huge selection of dresses view, mass-market chains also have large inventories of dresses. Every season they host sales events to make room for new inventory, which means big savings for you.

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