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Bella Sera Dress 

Time changes a lot in many ways, but let’s talk about quinceanera dress colors during the past 10 years. The classic light colors are being strayed away from by the designer companies as the styles changes in every new season. Of course the classic white, soft gama of pink, blue and lilac are still in, but for this upcoming season what is new in colors?

What can we expect to see in the catalogs and on the mannequins in the quinceanera dress industry? Here is the three new colors of quinceanera dress trends for you to consider to choose. Remember, you have to feel confident and beautiful choosing the color that you like the most.

“Colors for Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 range from easy and sophisticated to strikingly different and unique,”

Green Emerald:

Imagine what you would look like in a brilliant and electrifying green emerald tone. It is a go big or go home color for your quince dress. This color is eccentric itself. You will stand out and shine like a real emerald in this color. This color combined with gold and silver will be an amazing look for you.

Ragazza Fashion 

Rose gold:

One of the “jewel tones” of the season. Poufs and folds of fabric in rich tone of extravagance, rose gold is the one of the most conservative options around for the upcoming season.

Princesa by Arana Vara 


Sophisticated and an elegant up marketing tone, speak fantasy with a capital F. ! Burgundy dresses continue to reign supreme this season. This season we saw a more serious iteration come through new colors trends, these colors of versatile hues builds a sense of empowerment and confidence.


Multicolor Fabrics

Oh yes!… Multi colored fabrics like organza or chiffon coordinate well with many patterns, color, textures and 3D materials, like stones, flowers, beads and more, these is a dreamy and feminine style for a sweet personality.

ÉYA Dresses


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