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Cinderella was one of my favorites princess and still is. She loses her parents at a young age and never loses hope of finding true love, even though the odds are against her. Luckily and hopefully our lives are not as complicated as cinderella’s. Do you remember that part when the prince lays eyes on her?, well that’s the moment we want to be ready for. Today i’m going to show you, how to have a Cinderella moment.

Always think Princess

What would a princess do? How will a princess behave? All of that is important. Another thing will be to just have fun. If you are not use to been the center of attention practice talking to people striking a conversation with new people or a girl you don’t know. I know that this might be a little stranger but they will help you achieve the moment. Moving on to dancing. I always advice to take dance lessons before a Quinceanera you want to look like you know what your doing after all back in the day it was a requirement to learn waltz. Then comes the quinceanera dress. It will not be a Cinderella moment with out a beautiful quinceanera dress. Cinderella if anything is known for her beautiful blue dress, so to mimic that moment the quinceanera dress have to be a dream.

The way i like to choose my quinceanera dress is by asking my self these questions: 

Answering the questions will make the decision process easier. 

“Finally the shoes”

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Despite the fact that we can’t get her glass sippers, we can get something sparkly. So try to looking for a shoe with a WOW! 

In the end the Cinderella moment is about having fun and enjoying your day!

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