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According to your body shape follow the next tips :

If you are shortie :

DO  –Choose simple styles. Not to busy.

-Corset and skirt the same color (So you don’t create a visual division in your body. You’ll look taller.

-Corset must end in peak shape (Your upper will look longer)

-Corset with a heart shape ( To show more neck and create the illusion of a large torso.

DON’T -Voluminous skirts (They will make you look shorter)

-To much ornaments on the waist area.

If you have big chest

DO –With a few ornaments on the chest (To avoid directing attention to this area)

-We suggest you a “halter” style (So you can move and dance with confidence)

-Darker colors in the chest area.

DON’T -Strapless styles.

-Heart Shape.

-“V” Neck.

If you are a cup 

 DO -Drapped textures.

-Lots of applications and beading on the chest area.

-Extra cushion in the cups

-Light colors

DON’T -Straight cut

-Simple design

-Dark acents in the chest area

If you have a straight body

DO -Two pieces gown

-Wide skirt

-V neckline

-Corset with a heart shape

-Strapless dresses

-One shoulder dresses

DON’T -Details in the waist line

-Straight neckline

-Details in shoulders

-Flat skirts

If you are tall and skinny 

DO -Use voluminous skirts

-Multi layered skirt

-Heart shape corset

-Detailed designs with lots of ornaments

-Two tone colors in corset and skirt

DON’T -Flat skirts

-One color dress

-Dark colors

If you have wide hips 

 DO-Two pieces dress

-Corset ending with a peak shape

-Skirt a little bit wider than your shoulder

-Strapless dress

DON’T -Voluminous skirts

-Very detailed and ornamented skirt

– Skirt with lots of tulles

-Ballon type skirts

Photography Marco Vinicio.

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