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The Most Favorite Quinceanera Trend

Photography: Valpena, Mex

Flower Walls

We all know first impression always count and at your quinceanera is no exception!

Wow your guests the moment they step inside the venue with the hottest trend, FLOWER WALL BACKDROPS. Flowers, have been the most classic and unique of all décor items and are trending today. The best part is that many options and resources are available to create your dream Flower Wall backdrop.

DIY – Do it yourself, many resources are available to achieve your exact color combination vision. Pinterest is a great resource where you can find ideas and/or also learn to make your own paper flowers in different sizes. This can be time consuming but on a positive note a wonderful bonding experience with your family and your quince court. Everyone will be exited to help!

RENT – Flower wall rental is also an option. Take the time and visit your local florists. Most florists are aware of this trend and already have pre-made flower walls. This is a great option and the best news is that most walls are in neutral colors and are able to incorporate your quinceañera theme colors.

Customize - There are many options to create your Flower wall backdrops, fitting for every budget. You can use big paper flowers, medium silk flowers, small fresh flowers or a combination of all three. You can incorporate your theme or your quinceanera colors.

  • Paris Theme: Use a stripped background and use pink flowers only on the top.

  • Tiffany : Use white background with Tiffany blue paper flowers and add pearls and rhinestones.

  • Mexican Theme: Use bright color red, white, green flowers.

  • Pink Theme: Use different color pink flowers creating an ombre look. Fun!

Put your creative hat on and follow this very popular trend! Your photos will be beautiful and you will surely wow your guests.

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