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The Dama Dress

Photography: Marco Vinicio, AZ

Your options!

If you decide to have damas in your corte de honor, make sure they each feel beautiful in their gowns. The trick is finding a dress that all of them will instantly love. Considering, that there are various options of dama dresses to choose from, it’s best if you either choose the same dress for all of them or let them choose any design from a selection of dresses that you pre-selected.

*Use the following chart to keep track of your opinions.

Your Dama Dress Options

  • Designer or brand.

  • Store or website

  • Price.

  • Style.

  • Dislikes.

  • Notes.

  • Place a photo of the dress.

Remember, the decision is yours, it'll be very difficult if you let 5 to 12 girls agree on an option. Happy quinceanera planning!

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