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Event Security for all of your Quinceanera needs

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Event Security for all of your Quinceanera needs

When a little girl turns fifteen it is a very special time. There are celebrations, dancing, and gifts as she moves from childhood into womanhood. She will remember her quinceanera for the rest of her life. It is imImage result for quinceanerasportant to protect the safety of the newly christened woman, her family, and the guests. A well-trained highly experienced security team can help ensure that everyone has a good time and no one shows up who isn’t on the guest list.


Events like a quinceanera can sometimes entice unwanted party crashers. Having a security professional make sure everyone attending is on the guest list can prevent an embarrassing, awkward, or even dangerous situation. In the excitement, an unwanted intruder can slip under the radar and may have their eye on more than a free piece of cake. Money and gifts are given to the happy birthday girl. Make sure they go home with her, and not in the pockets of uninvited guests.

A large group of people, food, and dancing is all part of the fun of the cImage result for quinceaneraselebration. Unfortunately any time many people gather together, there is always the possibility of arguments or altercations. A temporary security team can give you the peace of mind of knowing that if a conflict were to arise, it will be taken care of so nothing gets out of hand. The presence of security is often enough to help everyone get along and keep their cool. Make sure everyone goes home with pleasant memories.


We Will Even Safeguard Events at Rented Spaces

Quinceaneras are often too large of an event to host in your home. If you have rented a space for the party, it is important to make sure it is in the same condition when you leave as it was when you came otherwise you will lose your security deposit or even worse, be on the hook for repairs. Security can help keep everyone in designated areas and prevent damage to the rental space. Have your party in a beautiful space, and keep your security deposit.

American Asset Protection Quinceanera Security Services can help you make sure your guests have a fun and safe experience. We have been providing security for businesses, industrial facilities, school districts, and private events for 25 years. We are the  industry leader in all of California and have over 26,000 highly trained security professionals to handle any sized event. For a free customized quote, call us at 1-800-227-1568 today.

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