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As a young woman, i always viewed beauty pageants as the antithesis of encouragement when it came to making someone feel beautiful, smart and confident. I pictured it as this situation where a young woman does everything in her power to be considered beautiful, smart and a role model for another girls to follow.

In my experience doing pageants in my teen years, i realized the experience brought about so many opportunities and benefits regardless of if i winning.


Believe in your self, being in a pageant teaches you to be confident and love yourself; you have to, regardless of the way that others see you. It helped me become confident while learning to accept every aspect of myself just the way i am.


Think about how amazing and diverse the amount of personality you have combined in one room, sharing, learning and supporting each other during your journey. Those are the people who will most likely become lifelong friends. 


An amazing thing about foundation pageants is if you place first, second or other titles, you receive anywhere starting $500 to $2500 in scholarship, depending on the foundation funding.


Most pageants requiert the contestants to have a plataform, something the contestants feel overly passionate about. Early in 2000 mine was teen’s pregnancy prevention. I learned the most conventional and reliable ways of researching.


Two of the most important aspects of doing a pageant in the one-stage question and the interview. These both help with communication skills. They help you learn to speak elegantly, knowing to think before speaking and looking at multiple side situations.


Participating in a pageant give you lifelong friends, make connections with inspirational and important people, build a stronge bridge with your self and open many doors full of opportunities.

Have you competed in a pageant? if so, share your story!



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