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Master the basic secrets of the head turners.

At Quinceanera Magazine Miss Cover Girl program we not only teach the technique of the models walk, but how to sit, rise, walk up and down stairs, enter a room and much much more. This aspects of personal development will mean a great deal towards communicating confidence to the world.

Being apart modeling and talent industry for close to 20 years i have attended my fair share of fashion shows, as a model and as a client. Recently, i was invite to attend a show of a very talented fashion designer. Sitting in a front row and watching models passing by i realized that the same models over and over again catch my attention and stood out throughout the whole show. They all had different looks but what i noticed about theme was the fact that they have one thing in common -They oozed with self-confidence. They had her shoulder back. They have her chins up. They had a very confident walk and it was so attractive and i thought “Isn’t that interesting”. You don’t have to be gorgeous, you don’t have to have the most expensive clothes in the world. You don’t even have to have great hair. It is attractive to project self-confidence. That’s what models know, isn’t it? they know YOU HAVE TO PROJECT SELF-CONFIDENCE EVERYWHERE.

Getting ready for your big party means to get ready to be the center of attention, can you handle it? Think about what virtues make up the popular and successful girl: Her poise, her posture, her voice, her personal care, her clothes sense, the way she moves, and that wonderful quality of being natural, being herself as an individual; the ability to say and do the right thing at the right time, to have total confidence in herself.  All this qualities add up the sum total of success! When we see this girl, the one whom everyones likes, the one who people are drawn to, the one seems to do everything right, we are inclined to think that she’s just lucky, that she was just born with so much, like the true beauty. If you look again, carefully this time, you will find that she is not the perfection you thought her to be, but that she has learned to create it.  All these attributes are actually skills which anyone can learn. No one is born with theme, it is a fact that all successful, professional models have learned this skills; and so can you.

Project self-confidence. Every day of your life, whether it’s at a social gathering or at school, no matter what the occasion is. Get your shoulders back, stand up tall, walk with determination. When you sit, don’t spread your legs all over the place, sit up nice and tall. When you shake hands, look that person right in the ayes, reach out your hands, and shake in a nice firm grip that says, “ I feel good, how about you?” Dress as though you’ve put some thought into your clothes. Make sure your clothes are neat, clean and pressed. Whether  you’re talking to somebody or just listening, pay attention. Open your eyes, maintain eye contact, smile, nod, show the person that you’re interested in what they have to say.

What are the qualities that each confident person projects?

A confident person knows how to:









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