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Quinceañera Foundation

Empowering Latinas of the future through Education.


Our future young Latina is equipped to identify her educational dream, develop a goal and making that goal a reality thru higher education, while achieving lifelong success.


We strive to empower Latinas through education, professional and personal advancement. By engaging them at an early age providing professional and leadership development they will see and value education attainment as a way to achieve their dreams and strongly impact their future, their family and their community.


After working with Latinas for the past decade Quinceañeras Magazine has identified the need to help this young girls whom are lost when pursuing an education. In most cases these girls are from lower social status and first or second generation Latinas daughters of uneducated parents, whom are not able to provide the educational guidance or personal preparation.

Quinceañera Magazine has been providing some learning opportunities in the form of print editorial, events and workshops by providing heathy body images (etiquette) building strong communications skills (using 5 elements of communication) and developing positive relationships (anti bullying campaigns) to groups of Latinas.

Through Quinceañera Foundation our goal is to extend our educational efforts by preparing these young girls focusing on creating personal, educational, and professional guidance but also by removing financial barriers that might prevent the opportunity for the student from securing an education and gaining employment.

We believe that with the proper guidance many of these very intelligent young Latinas will have the bright future they deserve to have.


Quinceañera Foundation is a 501 (C)(3)


EIN #46-2670956 AND DLN #26053580001845

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