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The ACT and SAT, you have probably heard of these exams and if you are planning on pursing a higher education. These exams are another factor in determining how ready a student is for college along with their grade point average but, unlike the GPA, the ACT/SAT scores can also be away to determined whether or not a student will be in need of remedial courses while in college.

The main differences between the ACT and SAT are the test subjects covered and the scoring. The ACT (scores 1-36 per subject, then a cumulative score on exam) covers Science, Math, Reading, English, and an optional essay. The SAT (scores on a scale 400-1600), on the other hand, cover Math, Reading and Writing, and an optional essay.


1-PSAT (practice SAT)

2-Khan Academy (Offers free SAT practice problems, videos and tips)

3-Prep Factory (test prep for both ACT and SAT)

4-Collegeboard.org  (register for SAT and find additional assistance)

5-ACT.org  (register for ACT and find additional assistance)

Fee waivers for the ACT and SAT are available for those who qualify so take advantage by asking a counselor or teacher! Before deciding on which exam to take, i would highly encourage taking both. You never know which one you might do better on plus colleges will look at the better score anyway!

So, don’t forget your calculator, bring a snack, and do your best on the test! Good luck from the Quinceañera Foundation!

BY: Gabriela Da Silva



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