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Photos are the Memories that you will keep Forever

The one thing you will be most thankful for long after your Quinceañera has passed will be the memories that were cacaptured by your photographer. This combination of posed pictures, candid moments and snapshots of your special day will be something that you will keep...

How to choose the perfect makeup artist for your Quince….

What to look for/in a Makeup Artist. A MAKEUP ARTIST is a professional or talented individual who can apply makeup not only on you, but also on your mamas, mom and marinas for your Quinceañera. There are many to choose from, whether they are specially trained or...

To my Dad…..

Open Letter to the First Man I Ever Loved. Dear Dad, I write this lines to you, not only as your daughter, but as one of many daughters who know the lessons only their fathers could teach theme. I write to you because out of every helping hand i have received in my...

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