Today we will be talking about your Waltz. Waltzing is one of the things that must be perfect, so I will show you how to choose the right choreographer. As much as I like doing this on my own this one is not one of them, because a waltz should be the cherry on top. You want people to see you at your best and show off the skills you have, so I highly recommend a choreographer. Some choreographers can charge from $500 to $1000 per song, so they can be expensive, but totally worth it. Try setting up meetings with choreographers to ask questions and see what ideas he/she can create for you. things that I always look for in a choreographer is how well they can understand my idea and how well they work with it. Another thing I look for is where they teach if they have a studio that you can go to, that means they are professionals and take there job serious. Always remember that you are paying for someone’s work and that work can make you look amazing on the dance floor. So remember interview and choose wisely.