Alright so you have the location the theme and what you’re going to wear, what’s next? Well I’m going to show you how to put everything together. You want to be extremely prepared so that the day of the photo shoot you don’t forget anything. Let’s start with a list; write down everything you’re going to need, and always take extras. After you are done with the list try practicing your pose and taking a few selfies, you want to make sure your posing is great. Then you want to start setting up the things you will need for the photo shoot. I usually like to place everything in a visible area in my room, so I won’t forget it. Once all of that is taking care of, its time to give your self a spa day. Try making a fun facial mask with your sisters or mom and give each other mani pedis. You want to have a relaxing day before your photo shoot so that you won’t look tired or have bags under your eyes. Now to finish put your alarm on and try waking up two hours before the photo shoot, that way you have time to get ready and deal with any fallouts. Okay girls I hope you learned a little something about photo shoots and hope yours turns out great.